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Hyun Oh-Seok,Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Strategy and Finance

Welcome to the English website of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
We have entered a period of prolonged global economic crisis, a time when global economic resources are low and uncertainties are growing

Domestically, employment has been slow to improve and domestic consumption is poor. Household hold debt and a depressed housing market continue to burden the economy. Now is a time that requires self-examination and steady preparation

The Korean government will create jobs by fusing science and technological innovation with imagination and creativity based on economic democratization, and we will shift our economic paradigm to one of entrepreneurship that will improve the quality of life for our citizens. We will work to ensure the happiness of every citizen through stable inflation and tailored welfare.

Bearing in mind that confidence is not just a word but something that must be practiced; we will correctly diagnose, prescribe and implement policy that corresponds with this principle. We will accomplish these goals through ministerial cooperation.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance will take the lead walking down the road of job creation backed by entrepreneurship, citizen-tailored employment and welfare, creative education and a life full of culture, a safe society, while building the foundations for the era of unification.

We start down this road today.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance Hyun Oh-seok


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