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Hyun Oh-Seok,Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Strategy and Finance

Welcome to the English website of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

Thank you for visiting the English homepage of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

The government has the enormous responsibility of promoting economic recovery and ensuring national welfare.

Economic indicators are gradually improving, but what is the use if these improvements are not felt by real businesses and real people? The government has to set its sight on promoting an economic recovery that puts the people first. The Korean people need to say ‘I have enough to make ends meet.’ Like heat permeating from the furnace throughout the room, the government needs to ensure that the economic recovery is felt across the entire economy before we can proclaim the economy has fully recovered and that national welfare has been secured.

We will give the Korean people hope that ‘these days things really do seem to be improving.’ The Ministry of Strategy and Finance, myself included, will take the lead in ensuring that these goals are successfully accomplished. The government will be right there with you, and will seek answers by talking to people and businesses. We will carefully review and deliberate on government policies. We will harness the power of creativity to find the road to a brighter future that our economy will take, and we will preemptively offer solutions in order to keep our economy walking steadily down this road.

I eagerly anticipate the day when I hear “The economy has really gotten better!” I, along with the entire Ministry of Strategy and Finance, promise to work night and day to make that wish a reality.

Thank you,

Choi Kyunghwan
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance.


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