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The Ministry is committed to driving strong economic development and developing engines of growth through concerted efforts of its bureaus and offices to ensure stable and sound macroeconomic management, effective policy coordination, efficient allocation of national resources, sound fiscal management, reform of public organizations, a rational and equitable tax system, and strong international economic cooperation. Developing and coordinating economic policies and strategies to efficiently manage the nation’s finances.

  • Planning and establishing mid- to long-term national development strategies
  • Formulating and coordinating economic and fiscal policies
  • Planning, executing and managing budgets and public funds and monitoring and
    reviewing expenditures
  • Developing and administering policies in regard to taxes, tariffs, the national treasury, government
    accounting, lottery, and public fund management
  • Overseeing public organizations, evaluating their performances, and promoting
    management innovation
  • Formulating and implementing policies for international finance and foreign exchange and
    strengthening international financial cooperation
  • Promoting economic cooperation with both developing and advanced economies and
    taking measures to facilitate FTAs in Korea