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We abide by web accessibility policies so that all Internet users (including disabled and elderly people) can access and understand information provided on the website.

  • Accessibility Link
    • - We provide Skip Navigation links to enable users to effectively use the page which has many repetitive links.
  • Title of Document (Title Tag)
    • - All documents are provided with the title of document (< title >). The title of document succinctly and clearly describes the characteristics of a document.
  • Structuralization of Document
    • - Documents use tags, such as heading (< h1 >~< h6 >), paragraph (< p >) and list (< ul >, < ol >, < dl >) so that logical and keyboard access is possible. Design elements are separated by using css, and contents are understandable even if style sheet is removed.
  • Image Information
    • - Non-text contents are provided with alternative text, and a figure image which is difficult to provide alternative text is provided with separate text information.
  • Guidelines for the Visually Impaired
  • - Visually impaired users need a separate screen reader program to access the MOSF website. In order to have detailed information on the screen reader program and others, please refer to the website www.at4u.or.kr, and regarding the information on 'The equipment support program for the disabled' refer to www.knat.go.kr.
  • How to Use Keyboard
    • Tab (Tab) : Selects the next item
    • ShiftTab (Shift + Tab) : Selects the previous item
    • BackSpace (BackSpace) Moves to the previous page
    • ShiftBackSpace (Shift + BackSpace) : Moves to the next page
    • Enter (Enter) : Clicks the selected item
    • F5 (f5) : Reloads the page


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