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The weekly economic bulletin, which contains recent press releases and the schedule for upcoming
press releases, is published by the MOSF every week. To receive the weekly economic bulletin by email,
please submit a request to fppr@mosf.go.kr

Major News & Events


Expert Talks on Financial Markets (August 18)

Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong-yeon held talks with international financial market experts on August 18, and listened to their thoughts on Korea's financial market: the effect of North-related risks and external uncertainties on global investors and their views on the Korean market.


Ministry Selects Top-performing Primary Dealers in H1 2017 (August 17)

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance selected 5 institutions below as the 'Top-performing Primary Dealers (PDs)' based on the evaluation of the underwriting and market making performance for the first half of 2017.

Announcement On Upcoming Releases


  • 4th Ministerial Meeting on the Economy (August 24)
  • External Debt, Q2 2017 (August 24)
  • Treasury Bond Issuance Plan, September 2017 (August 24)


  • Producer Price Index, July 2017 (August 21)
  • Household Credits, Q2 2017 (August 23)
  • Industrial Loans of Depository Corporations, Q2 2017 (August 24)
  • International Investment Position (end of June 2017) (August 24)
  • Consumer Survey, August 2017 (August 25)
  • Trade Indexes & Terms of Trade, July 2017 (August 25)
Each institution is responsible for the information it provides in the bulletin.
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Weekly Economic Bulletin

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