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The weekly economic bulletin, which contains recent press releases and the schedule for upcoming
press releases, is published by the MOSF every week. To receive the weekly economic bulletin by email,
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Major News & Events


Korea and US Reaffirm Strong Economic Cooperation (June 22)

Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon and US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin held talks over the phone on June 22, and reaffirmed strong economic cooperation between the two countries, while also sharing the same view on North Korea's nuclear and missile proliferation.


FSC Holds Market Monitoring Meeting on Results of MSCI 2017 Market Classification Review (June 21)

FSC Vice Chairman Jeong Eun-bo held a meeting on June 21 with officials from relevant agencies to discuss the impact of the MSCI's 2017 Market Classification Review and the government's responses.


Trade Indices and Terms of Trade Indices, May 2017 (June 23)

The net barter terms of trade index decreased by 1.1 percent year-on-year in May 2017.


Public Sector Accounts, 2016 (preliminary) (June 21)

In 2016, the total revenue of the public sector (including the general government sector, non-financial public corporations and financial public corporations) recorded 765.1 trillion won, an increase of 30.4 trillion won from the previous year's total of 734.7 trillion won (up 4.1%).


Balance of Payments by Region, 2016 (preliminary) (June 20)

The Korean current account registered a surplus of 98.7 billion dollars in 2016.


Producer Price Index, May 2017 (June 19)

The Producer Price Index decreased by 0.2 percent month-on-month in May 2017 and increased by 3.5 percent year-on-year.

Announcement On Upcoming Releases


  • July 2017 Treasury Bond Issuance Plan & June 2017 Auction Result (June 29)
  • Monthly Industrial Statistics, May 2017 (June 30)


  • Consumer Survey, June 2017 (June 27)
  • Flow of Funds, Q1 2017 (preliminary) (June 28)
  • Business Survey Index (BSI) and Economic Sentiment Index (ESI), June 2017 (June 29)
  • Interest Rates, May 2017 (June 29)
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Weekly Economic Bulletin

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