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The weekly economic bulletin, which contains recent press releases and the schedule for upcoming
press releases, is published by the MOSF every week. To receive the weekly economic bulletin by email,
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Major News & Events


Current Employment Statistics, December 2016 (January 11)

Statistics Korea released their report on the "Economically Active Population Survey" on January 11, 2017. The economically active population marked 27,035,000 in December 2016, and the number of employed persons totaled 26,168,000.


2017 Economic Outlook (January 13)

Taking into account recent changes in global and domestic economic conditions, it is projected that real GDP will increase by 2.5 percent in 2017 and by 2.8 percent in 2018.


Monetary Policy Decision, January 2017 (January 13)

The Monetary Policy Board of the Bank of Korea decided today to leave the base rate unchanged at 1.25% for the intermeeting period.


Monetary and Liquidity Aggregates, November 2016 (January 12)

In November 2016, Narrow Money (M1, seasonally adjusted, period-average) increased by 1.0% compared to the previous month. Broad Money (M2, seasonally adjusted, period-average) increased by 0.5%.


Financial Market Trends, December 2016 (January 12)

The Treasury bond (3-yr) yield has fallen since the FOMC meeting on December 14-15, together with the US Treasury bond yield. The KOSPI has risen substantially entering January 2017, after having fluctuated in the second half of December.


Export/Import Price Indices, December 2016 (January 11)

The Export Price Index (won basis) increased 2.9 percent from the previous month. The import Price Index (won basis) increased 4.2 percent from the previous month.

Announcement On Upcoming Releases


  • 1st Ministerial Meeting on the Economy (January 18)


  • Producer Price Index, December 2016 (January 19)
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Weekly Economic Bulletin

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